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Os Melhores Aspiradores Rob√ī 2022

Os aspiradores rob√ī existem h√° mais de duas d√©cadas, mas ainda n√£o entraram em todas as casas. No entanto, isso n√£o √© tanto um coment√°rio sobre a sua qualidade, mas um testemunho das suas caracter√≠sticas inovadoras. Tamb√©m chamados de aspiradores rob√≥ticos ou Rob√ī, os melhores aspiradores rob√ī s√£o capazes de aspirar qualquer pavimento de forma r√°pida, silenciosa e eficiente.

Mas o que caracteriza exatamente os melhores aspiradores rob√ī? Abaixo, vamos analisar os v√°rios tipos principais de Rob√īs e as suas principais caracter√≠sticas, bem como o que deve ter em conta.

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The different types of robot vacuum cleaner

As a relatively recent product, robot vacuum cleaners do not have as many different types and subtypes as other appliances. In fact, if you feel liberal in terms of criteria, practically everyone falls into the same category since they all work the same way.

Where robot vacuum cleaners differ from each other is in the various functionalities and technical characteristics. So, this is the easiest way to categorize them, but also in terms of price.

With so many different features and capacities, robot vacuum cleaners can range from $ 100-200 to more than $ 1,000. For the sake of simplicity, we will separate them into the “low range”, “mid range” and “high range” categories and discuss their characteristics. However, remember that there are many exceptions in these 3 price ranges, such as cheaper models with many additional features or more expensive models with some features missing.

Low range

If you have budget constraints or just want the basic package, for ~ 170 EUR you can get a simple Robot that will help you keep your home clean. These models will normally not have any app support or AI assistants, will not be able to deflate or recharge automatically, and their battery will rarely last more than an hour.

Even so, if you choose a good, high-quality model, even a low-end robot vacuum will be a great help. It will not eliminate the need to vacuum and scrub from time to time, but it will minimize the amount of work in general.

Mid range

In the average price range between 350 EUR to 700 EUR, you will be able to find the best price-quality ratio. Typically, robot vacuum cleaners in this category will have a battery life of around 2 hours, superior navigation systems and more features related to your quality of life. Aspects such as support for apps and remote control, as well as battery monitoring and automatic charging become even more common in this range.

High range

Robots that fall in the price range of more than 700 EUR can generally be characterized by a battery life of at least 120 minutes or more. They will almost always have support for apps, as well as Alexa and / or Google Assistant. They will often have additional air filters, such as HEPA filters, larger dust containers and sometimes even the ability to empty them on their own.

These vacuum cleaners are able to monitor your battery life and return to your charging station when needed. Many of these models will come with “North Star” navigation technology, allowing them even better navigation.

What should you take into account when buying a robot vacuum cleaner?

Judging a robot vacuum cleaner by its price range and brand is one thing, but you also need to know what these devices do. Robots can have very different functions, some crucial, others – supplementary.

To rub

Since the first Scooba iRobot model in 2005 and even the first Electrolux ‚ÄúRobotic Vacuum Cleaner‚ÄĚ in 1996, Robots have been designed as self-regulating mops. Some include additional specialized mop accessories, but these are generally unnecessary and impractical. Instead, most Robots simply use the dense rubber brushes from the bottom and side to scrub the floor effectively.

To sweep

Another essential feature, sweeping is something that you will find in all robot vacuum cleaners. However, it is not something to look for, specifically, since it is not as effective as aspiring.


By their nomenclature, all robot vacuum cleaners are able to vacuum. However, many of the previous models, and some of the current low-end models, can only sweep and scrub. Vacuuming is clearly better, and most Robots are quite efficient – all you need to do is empty the trash bin occasionally.

Battery Life

The average battery life for a Robot is 1-2 hours. However, some can last up to 4 hours without recharging. Some of the best models can even monitor your battery life and connect to your power plants when needed.

Additional features that may be useful

With the functions listed in mind, here are some additional features for equal consideration:

  • Suporte wi-fi e app. Se quiser que o seu aspirador rob√ī navegue facilmente em sua casa, bem como fornecer informa√ß√£o de volta, certifique-se de que tem suporte de app e Wi-Fi.
  • Google Assistant, Alexa, Echo ou outros assistentes de IA tamb√©m s√£o uma grande b√™n√ß√£o. Ir√£o ajud√°-lo a controlar tudo o que acontecer e a mant√™-lo atualizado sobre as suas atividades.
  • Os sensores de dete√ß√£o de sujidade ajudam na dete√ß√£o de √°reas com maior concentra√ß√£o de sujidade e assim concentrarem-se nessas √°reas com maior aten√ß√£o.
  • Additional navigation tools. All Robots work and record their route mapping their environment. However, some perform it better than others. If you want your Robot to be as effective as possible, look for one with a “North Star” navigation system.

Hopefully we have conveyed the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčhow robot vacuum cleaners work. They will continue to evolve and develop new features and capabilities, which should make them even better. As for the best robot vacuum cleaners – it depends on your needs, budget and personal preferences.

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